Here at Rocco Homes, we are responsible developers who ensure sustainability in every aspect of our work, from land acquisition, design and construction to sales and the delivery of homes and work spaces to our clients.

We continue to regenerate disused or tired sites, helping to enhance the local community and environment.

By delivering energy-efficient developments, we take great care to reduce our carbon footprint. Environmentally-aware travel and reusable energy features are central to our design strategy.

A reduction in waste and the recycling of materials is actively managed during the course of construction.

Corporate Responsibility

The Rocco Homes team is aware that as homebuilders in the UK, our work has an impact on the communities in which we operate, both socially, economically and environmentally.

This provides us with the opportunity to make a difference by actively engaging with the community through support of local organisations.

Rocco Homes aims to make a positive and tangible contribution to the areas in which we work, focusing on communities important to our staff with values that align with our own.

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